"New Beginnings" Dr. Seuss

New Beginnings 2013:  "Oh the Places You'll Stand"
Personal Progress with a Dr. Seuss Spin

 "The Places You'll Stand" final poem  (NEW)
"The Places You'll Stand"  Treat hand-out

"Locker Magnet"

I took pictures of all the girls feet.  I then put them together with the last stanza of the poem.  I ordered 4x6 pictures of this.  We then laminated it and put on magnets.  We are handing them out that night as a locker magnet to remind them of our yearly theme.
"The Places  You'll Stand"  Laurel Assignment Sheet (New)

"The Places You'll Stand"  Invite Ideas

"The Places you'll Stand"  Quotes
Stacey Cottle from Las Vegas sent me these.  I am going to print on posters to hang as part of the decorations.  Thanks Stacey!

New-Who intro:  I have decided to write short little poems about each  "New-Who"  I will have each girl come up to the front of the room and sit down on chairs.  I will then have one older girl read the poem while the other give the girls a "New-Who" make-over.  (Hair, glitter, a boa, etc.)

"Sneetch Star  Awards"  The week before we passed around star posterboard cut outs.  Each star had a different girls name on it.  As they passed the stars around everyone wrote things that make that girl special on the back of the star.  We will give these out during New Beginnings.

Closing Remarks
We asked our sweet Bishop to give closing remarks.  He wrote a fantastic Dr. Seuss like book that he read called "For the Strength of Who Youth"  You can read it HERE.  Some of the images are kind of blurry.  I can't re-type set it do to copywrite issues, but you can read this fantastic message.

Decoration Ideas

Costume Ideas

Another leader and myself dressed up as "Sneetches"

Some of the other leaders were great sports when I asked them to be life size Truffula Tree's

Here are just a few more pix from our night


just a question

So I was looking at your Laurel assignment sheets. The Choice and Accountability page and the Good Works page have the same quote. So I looked at the link to the quotes from your friend in Las Vegas and she has Yertle the Turtle under Choice and Accountability and The Lorax under Good Works. Just curious what you used and where... And if its the way you have it on your assignment sheets, what quote did you use?